We’re neighbors who want to know you!

We share the same schools, stores, streets, banks, ball fields, hospitals and restaurants.  We hope for many of the same things – health, happiness, successful homes and careers, meaningful relationships, solutions to everyday problems. hope for the future.  With so much in common, we think you will feel right at home in our church.

We’re friends who want to share our best with you!

We take discipleship very seriously – Gathering, Growing and Going is more than a motto for us.  We provide a support system of caring which is big enough to embrace you.  We encourage each other to reach for God’s purposes and achieve the potential for positive lives Christ makes possible.  We promise to equip you with the understanding of God’s Word and friendships that will enable you to become all that God’s grace want to make you.  From children and teens to adults of all ages, we are committed to help one another know Christ and make Him known.

We love Music!

The music in our services is blended including congregational singing, choir and other special music which Magnifies the Master.

We’re a caring congregation that wants to include you!

For us, the most important reason the church exists is to help people connect with God and with each other in loving ways.  So we emphasize practical Bible teaching, uplifting worship, special programs to meet a variety of life needs and life styles of loving kindness to serve others in our community and beyond.

Let’s get to know each other better!

We want to know you, share our best with you and include you as a partner in our mission of spreading Christ’s hope and holiness that makes lives new.